How to Repair ‘Couldnt Find Wireless Devices on this PC’ on Windows 10

This article explains how to fix the “Could Not Find Wireless Devices On This Computer” error on Windows 10/8/7. If you face this error while connecting to Wi-Fi networks, it probably means there is no wireless adapter installed, or some drivers are missing. You must install the correct driver to make sure your computer works … Read more

How to Resolve Windows Camera Error 0xa00f4271

Microsoft recently announced that it had fixed a bug in Windows 10 that could cause media to capture failures. This bug affected devices such as webcams, microphones, and cameras. Microsoft says that the fix will be included in the next major update to Windows 10, which is due out later this month. If you are … Read more

How to Repair “Windows 11 Cannot Wake from Sleep” Problem in Windows 11

Few things are scarier than a computer that won’t respond. You’ve tried clicking the mouse, pressing the power button, shutting the computer down, and reopening it – and nothing happens. Your Windows 11 computer still can’t wake up from hibernation mode. So how do you solve this problem? Next, we’ll look at the possible reasons … Read more

How to Troubleshoot Stuck on “Repairing Disk Errors” Problem in Windows PC

The latest Windows 10 error message that leaves users puzzled is, “Hard drive error recovery in progress. It may take more than an hour.” This is a very annoying error that appears on the home screen. Sometimes the computer works again after an hour, but the error is likely to reappear. In most cases, Windows … Read more

How to Resolve “No Audio Output Device is Installed” Error in Windows 10 PC

Many Windows 10 users, especially those who use HP or Dell laptops and PCs, encounter an error message that says no sound output device is installed. This means that you can’t hear any sounds on the computer, making it difficult to rest or perhaps work. The error is usually indicated by a red cross symbol … Read more