How to Troubleshoot Stuck on “Repairing Disk Errors” Problem in Windows PC

The latest Windows 10 error message that leaves users puzzled is, “Hard drive error recovery in progress. It may take more than an hour.” This is a very annoying error that appears on the home screen. Sometimes the computer works again after an hour, but the error is likely to reappear. In most cases, Windows […]

Troubleshoot: Corrupted Fonts in Windows 10

Are you having problems with custom fonts that you recently added instead of the default fonts in Windows 10? Some users report that all of their fonts are replaced with random icons. Causes for this error could be an incorrect font selection, a corrupt registry key related to the font, a corrupt font cache, or […]

How to open the command prompt when Windows 10 doesn’t boot

The Windows command prompt is a built-in Windows utility that allows users to enter computer commands to perform tasks or open applications without using the Windows graphical user interface. You can open the CMD prompt in Windows 10 to troubleshoot and solve problems on your Windows 10 computer. In particular, if your computer/laptop won’t turn […]