How to Eliminate ‘Windows Failed to Configure Updates’ Issue

There are many causes of failure when it comes to configuring Windows updates. Many people try to update their operating systems without knowing what they’re doing. This can lead to problems like the one you’re having now. If you’ve been trying to fix this problem for weeks, you might want to consider taking some steps … Read more

How to Repair “Windows 11 Cannot Wake from Sleep” Problem in Windows 11

Few things are scarier than a computer that won’t respond. You’ve tried clicking the mouse, pressing the power button, shutting the computer down, and reopening it – and nothing happens. Your Windows 11 computer still can’t wake up from hibernation mode. So how do you solve this problem? Next, we’ll look at the possible reasons … Read more

Removing Caps Lock on Screen Notifications in Windows 10 PC

Windows 10 displays a “Caps Lock On” message every time you press the Caps Lock key. The operating system may also make a specific sound when you press the Caps Lock key. If you don’t want the computer to notify you every time you press the Caps Lock key, you can turn off these notifications … Read more

Troubleshooting the “Preparing to Configure” Stuck Issue on Windows PC

Sometimes a “Preparing to Install Windows” message appears when you turn on your system or laptop, please do not turn off your computer. This message doesn’t mean anything other than that your system is performing the necessary routine updates, which can take more than half an hour. However, in some cases, the update installation hangs, … Read more