Troubleshooting the ‘Stereo Mix Not Working’ Problem on Windows PC

Stereo Mix is an option that allows the user to record audio output from the computer. This can be very useful for desktop recording sessions. However, a problem can occur when using Stereo Mix. For some users, Stereo Mix may not work even when all the options are enabled. In some cases, you will see […]

How to Resolve “No Audio Output Device is Installed” Error in Windows 10 PC

Many Windows 10 users, especially those who use HP or Dell laptops and PCs, encounter an error message that says no sound output device is installed. This means that you can’t hear any sounds on the computer, making it difficult to rest or perhaps work. The error is usually indicated by a red cross symbol […]

How to Repair: Channel Surround Sound Not Working in Windows PC

When you upgrade to the latest version of Windows 10, you may experience compatibility issues, usually with drivers from a previous version, as these drivers are specifically designed for the previous version of Windows 10. This is when you may encounter an issue where 5.1 surround sound is not working on your Windows 10 computer. […]