How to Troubleshoot Error Code 24 on Windows 10

If your hardware stops working and you see the error message This device does not exist, does not work correctly, or not all drivers are installed (code 24) in Device Manager, you will find here some possible solutions to fix this problem. This problem can occur at any time, and any hardware such as a […]

How to Troubleshoot Error Code 0xc0ea000a on Windows PC

When the computer encounters an “0xC0EA000A” (or similar) message, it means that the computer has been unable to access the Microsoft server for some reason. You may receive the following message on your Windows 10 PC: Store error 0xC0EA000A ‘Try that again.’ If you see a 0xc0ea000a error code, it means that there is some […]

How to Resolve: “Can’t Eject External Hard Drive” on Windows 10 Computer

Some users report that they cannot safely remove external hard drives, such as USB drives. This problem is often caused by other processes that use the contents of the drive, or by Windows USB drivers that do not allow the extraction of the external drive. Users report that they cannot eject the hard drive using […]