How to Resolve Windows Camera Error 0xa00f4271

Microsoft recently announced that it had fixed a bug in Windows 10 that could cause media to capture failures. This bug affected devices such as webcams, microphones, and cameras. Microsoft says that the fix will be included in the next major update to Windows 10, which is due out later this month. If you are […]

How to Repair NVIDIA “Shadowplay Not Recording” Problem on Windows PC

If you have installed GeForce Experience and find that you cannot save a game using NVIDIA Shadowplay, you are not alone. Several users are also reporting this problem. We know the feeling of not knowing what to do when things go wrong without warning. But don’t worry, this problem can be solved. We have prepared […]

How to Troubleshoot TeamSpeak Push to Talk Feature Not Working in Windows 10

The push-to-talk feature will not work if you have not selected the correct capture profile or hotkey. This means that when you try to talk with the push-to-talk key, your microphone will not recognize anything because it has not been activated. Therefore, the push-to-talk feature does not work and your friends cannot hear you. What […]

How to eliminate the Parsec 15000 error

Parsec 15000 error may be caused by outdated graphics drivers or conflicting streaming applications. An error in the graphics driver or incorrect configuration may also cause this error message. When this error occurs, the connection is not established and the message appears: we were unable to initialize the hosting functionality on the computer you are […]