How to Troubleshoot LiveKernelEvent Error 141 on Windows PC

If you have recently encountered the LiveKernelEvent 141 error on your Windows 10 device, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will take a look at the reasons why this fault might occur in the first place and try to fix it with specific troubleshooting solutions. What is the cause of […]

How to Resolve ‘You can’t sign in to your PC right now’ Issue on Windows 10 PC

Windows 8 has introduced a completely new method for Windows users to log in to their computers, and this method requires the use of Microsoft accounts (which are really just Microsoft email addresses) and their passwords to log in to their computers. Microsoft accounts are the log-in option for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, two […]

How to Resolve “No Audio Output Device is Installed” Error in Windows 10 PC

Many Windows 10 users, especially those who use HP or Dell laptops and PCs, encounter an error message that says no sound output device is installed. This means that you can’t hear any sounds on the computer, making it difficult to rest or perhaps work. The error is usually indicated by a red cross symbol […]

How to Troubleshoot: Notepad is Not Opening on Windows 10 PC

Notepad is one of the most widely used Windows applications. This text editor, which has existed on Windows computers for almost 30 years, is still used by hundreds of thousands of people as their primary application for writing projects. Notepad is no different from most apps and freeware when it comes to bugs, and one […]

How to Resolve Zoom Error Code 1132 on Windows 10

Zoom error code 1132 is a connection error that usually occurs in Windows operating systems. It means that either the current version of Zoom or the current version of Windows is incompatible with each other. Creating a new Windows account or upgrading has helped many users fix this error. If you are not a Windows […]

How to Troubleshoot: Word experienced an error trying to open the file

If you are trying to open a .doc file on your computer and the error message “Word encountered an error trying to open file” keeps appearing and you are trying to find a solution to the problem, you are in the right place. The “Word encountered an error when trying to open file” error message […]

Roblox Xbox One error code 116 has been fixed

Users reported encountering the following error message when attempting to play feature, popular, or user-created content using the Roblox Xbox One app. Can’t sign in. Your Xbox account settings do not allow you to play user-generated content. You can change this in your Xbox settings or through the error code: 116. This error occurs […]