How to Repair Right Click Not Working on Windows 10 Computer

If you cannot use the right mouse button function, this can be a very limiting factor. The main purpose of the right mouse button is to provide information about what you are clicking on. It is often used to open contextual menus, that is, contextual menus that can change depending on the mouse click. When […]

How to Troubleshoot “Taskbar Not Working” Problem on Windows Computers

Is your Windows 10 taskbar not working? Microsoft has given new tricks to the humble Windows 10 taskbar. However, this has led to additional annoying bugs. Let’s look at solutions to the most common problems with the Windows 10 taskbar, such as it has stopped responding. These solutions will get you back a fully functional […]

How to Troubleshoot: Notepad is Not Opening on Windows 10 PC

Notepad is one of the most widely used Windows applications. This text editor, which has existed on Windows computers for almost 30 years, is still used by hundreds of thousands of people as their primary application for writing projects. Notepad is no different from most apps and freeware when it comes to bugs, and one […]

Cortana not available in Windows 10 has been fixed

Microsoft’s Cortana is currently the least popular digital voice assistant, and the fact that it hasn’t lived up to expectations has prompted Microsoft to rethink its strategy in this area several times, but none of the strategies have been successful so far. While Microsoft is working to make Cortana a viable digital assistant, some Windows […]