How to Troubleshoot ‘Entry Point Not Found’ in Windows 7

Entry Point Not Found is a common problem among PC users. If you see it, there is no way to launch programs such as Microsoft Office, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc., because the application cannot find the entry point of the executable file. In other words, the program does not know where to start searching … Read more

How to Restore ‘Can’t be Downloaded Securely’ Error Message on Google Chrome

The error message is displayed when you try to download a file from the web. You are trying to open it with your browser. However, there’s something wrong with the file or its protection. In some cases, it might be because of the file type or extension. For instance, if you’re trying to download an … Read more

How to Eliminate Error Code 740 on Windows 10

It can be very frustrating to access files, run a program, or delete/create a new folder on an external storage device and see the message “Error code 740: Authorization level required to perform the requested operation. You will not be able to access the files until you correct the error. If you are facing this … Read more

How to Troubleshoot “Error Opening File for Writing” Issue in Windows 10

The “Open file on write” error is not a specific program error. It can occur when installing programs in the Windows operating system. It can affect any third-party Windows application and prevent its installation. In this case, you will not be able to run certain applications on your PC, which causes great inconvenience. So, how … Read more

How to Eliminate IDP Generic Issue on Windows Computer

Users face the problem of IDP Generic infection warning even when accessing some legitimate programs. So is it really a virus or just a fake warning? We found this to be a bug in AVG and Avast antivirus programs. Avast and AVG recognize this as a flaw in identity protection. IDP stands for Identity Protection. … Read more