How to Troubleshoot “Error Opening File for Writing” Issue in Windows 10

The “Open file on write” error is not a specific program error. It can occur when installing programs in the Windows operating system. It can affect any third-party Windows application and prevent its installation. In this case, you will not be able to run certain applications on your PC, which causes great inconvenience. So, how … Read more

How to Resolve Error Code: 0x80242020 in Microsoft Store

Are you trying to install an application from Microsoft Store, but something goes wrong with an error code? When this problem occurs, the download/install process ends with an error at a certain percentage. The error code is 0x80242020, which appears when you download or install apps. What causes the error code 0x80242020 on the Microsoft … Read more

How to Repair Microsoft Office Error Code 30088-1021 (0) on Windows Computer

Some Windows users have encountered the error Office could not be installed 30088-1021 (0) when trying to install or update Microsoft Office on their computer. This problem usually occurs on Windows 10. After thoroughly investigating this particular problem, it was found out that several reasons can cause this error code when installing the latest version … Read more

How to Repair “ISDone.dll Is Missing” on Windows PC

The isDone.dll error in Windows 10 is mostly related to the installation of computer games and large programs. Large games or programs contain compressed data, which are unpacked on the hard drive during installation. This consumes both your computer’s RAM and your hard drive. If your PC’s memory or hard drive is insufficient to handle … Read more

Troubleshooting the “Preparing to Configure” Stuck Issue on Windows PC

Sometimes a “Preparing to Install Windows” message appears when you turn on your system or laptop, please do not turn off your computer. This message doesn’t mean anything other than that your system is performing the necessary routine updates, which can take more than half an hour. However, in some cases, the update installation hangs, … Read more