How to Restore Video Tdr Failure – Nvlddmkm.Sys BSOD

If you’re experiencing intermittent drops in performance while playing videos on your PC, it could be because of a hardware problem. One of the most common causes of video TDR failure is overheating. If your computer gets too hot, the graphics card might start having problems. This can lead to stuttering, freezing, and even crashes. … Read more

How to Resolve VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE (ATIKMPAG.SYS) in Windows 10 Computers

In most cases, errors that may occur with Windows 10 are caused by the firmware itself. Sometimes some warnings and errors are caused by corrupted files related to hardware components such as the video card. In our case, the message video_tdr_failure atikmpag.sys means that something went wrong with your AMD/ATI graphics card. Don’t panic, it’s … Read more

How to Repair: Windows 10 Update Error Code 0x800705B3

Recently, some users encountered error code 0x800705b3 when trying to install a pending update on Windows 10 system. In addition, this problem was also observed when updating the built-in webcam driver and Bluetooth adapter driver. There can be several reasons for this problem, but some of them such as corrupted system files, disabled Windows Installer … Read more

How to Fix “Black Ops 3 has Stopped Working” on Windows 10 PC

Call of Duty is a popular video game played by gamers around the world. Some CoD as well as Battlefield 3 players with NVIDIA graphics cards have experienced sporadic glitches while playing Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Since the actual cause of the problem is not fully known, the problem mainly affected GTX580 users … Read more

Fixing the Red Screen of Death (RSoD) in Windows 10

Probably all Windows users know about the “blue screen of death” error, but have you heard about the “red screen of death” (RSOD) error in Windows. After launching Windows 10, some users have encountered the “Red Screen of Death” error and found messages about it. The red screen of death is usually associated with iPhone … Read more