Fixed: Office 2016 won’t install in Windows 10

We all know how important Microsoft Office is to users. However, after launching Microsoft Office 2016, many users reported the problem of ‘office 2016 won’t install’ during installation when the following error appears during installation: An error occurred during the installation of Microsoft Office 2016. Office for home use can be purchased as a lumpContinue reading “Fixed: Office 2016 won’t install in Windows 10”

How to register or re-register a DLL file in Windows 10

Have you ever encountered a Windows problem where you need to register a DLL file on your computer? A DLL file, also known as a dynamic link library, is a file containing functions used by multiple applications. For example, Microsoft Office has hundreds of DLL files that can be used between different Office programs toContinue reading “How to register or re-register a DLL file in Windows 10”

How to fix: Error ‘Msvcr120.dll_clr0400.dll is missing’

DLL files have certain functions that help computer programs to work properly. One such DLL file is Msvcr120.dll_clr0400.dll. This particular DLL file is responsible for extracting the necessary resources when installing a program and is used when running a program or when running C++ games. However, recently some users have reported that they have encounteredContinue reading “How to fix: Error ‘Msvcr120.dll_clr0400.dll is missing’”