How to Troubleshoot ‘Entry Point Not Found’ in Windows 7

Entry Point Not Found is a common problem among PC users. If you see it, there is no way to launch programs such as Microsoft Office, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc., because the application cannot find the entry point of the executable file. In other words, the program does not know where to start searching […]

How to Repair “D3dx9_39.dll is Missing” Problem in Windows PC

If you get interrupted by an error message when trying to start a game, it can be very annoying. But if the game application refuses to start, the cause may be deeper. Examine the error message carefully, and you’ll find the cause. For example, if you get an error message like “The program cannot be […]

How to Solve Corrupt Opencl.dll File in Windows 10 Computer

After Windows 10 Update 1511 – better known as Windows 10 November Update or Threshold 2 – was released late last year, many people complained about a corrupt opencl.dll file. After further investigation and discussion on the Windows 10 forums, it was determined that it was a fairly common problem, but not a particularly serious […]

How to Resolve DCIMAN32.DLL is Missing or Corrupt Error Message

Although Windows tries to make the installation or upgrade process as easy as possible, unforeseen problems can occur. A missing or damaged .dll file in Windows (7/8/10) is one such problem. Although many people encounter this problem during an upgrade or installation, it can occur at other times as well. Sometimes installing or uninstalling drivers […]