How to Troubleshoot “Google Drive Video Still Processing” Error in Windows 10

Many users report a “Google Drive video in progress” error when they try to play or download one of their videos uploaded to Google Drive. Like users, they see the error message “We are processing this video. Please check again later,” even if they’ve waited a long time. This is a bit awful, as users … Read more

How to Resolve Xapofx1_1.DLL Is Missing on Windows Computers

The problem “missing Xapofx1_1.dll” occurs when you are trying to run a game and you do not have the latest version of DirectX installed on your computer, or DirectX is not installed on your computer at all. You can’t run the program because the missing xapofx1_1.dll file isn’t found. Try reinstalling the program to solve … Read more

How to Repair “Steam Running Slow” Issue in Windows 10 Computers

One of the many problems with the Steam client is that it runs so slow that it is almost impossible to play your games. It can also consume a lot of CPU and memory resources, causing your system to overheat. This is a very common problem for which there are many solutions. There is no … Read more

How to Repair Steam “App Configuration Unavailable” Problem in Windows PC

Steam is one of the largest game distribution platforms, attracting a large number of users around the world. The “Steam Application Configuration Not Available” error message often occurs when installing a game or downloading DLC for a game. This problem can also sometimes occur while installing or updating a game, making it a really annoying … Read more