How to Troubleshoot Windows Update Error 0x8007371b

Sometimes Windows Update may give error code 0x8007371b, especially if you are trying to install a feature update on a Windows 10 system. This indicates that one or more mandatory transaction members are missing. In this article, we are going to show you some possible methods that will surely help you to fix this error … Read more

Troubleshooting: Windows Defender error code 0x80016CFA

Windows Defender error code 0x80016CFA is a pop-up scam message. It is also a tech support scam that warns you to call the number displayed on the screen for professional service. This type of pop-up error takes up the entire screen of your web browser and freezes it, giving you a blue screen. You don’t … Read more

Roblox Xbox One error code 116 has been fixed

Users reported encountering the following error message when attempting to play feature, popular, or user-created content using the Roblox Xbox One app. Can’t sign in. Your Xbox account settings do not allow you to play user-generated content. You can change this in your Xbox settings or through the error code: 116. This error occurs … Read more