How to Solve “Operation Did Not Complete” Virus Issue in Windows 10

If you activate files that contain viruses, they will infect your system. This is why most antivirus programs, including Windows Defender, do not allow you to open a file or run a program associated with it if they suspect that the file/program may cause a virus attack. In this case, you will get an error […]

How to Resolve High CPU and Disk Usage by Ntoskrnl.Exe on Windows PC

If your Windows 10 computer is running slowly and you see that the System item is taking up a lot of CPU (or, in some cases, hard drive) when you view the Task Manager, you are not alone. Many Windows users report this problem. Ntoskrnl.exe, an acronym for the Windows NT operating system kernel, is […]

How to Troubleshoot Windows Defender Error 0x800106ba on Windows 10 Computer

Recently, we encountered users encountering Windows Defender error code 0x800106ba on Windows 10 PC. This is a very common error message that often appears when certain settings do not match. Anyway, here we will try to analyze the possible causes of its occurrence along with the corresponding solutions. What causes Windows Defender error 0x800106ba? Conflict […]

How to Resolve Error 42102 (Exception in Macro Viruses Code) in Windows PC

Avast is a world-renowned antivirus software with one of the highest numbers of downloads. Avast Antivirus offers the user various advanced features and tools for data and network security. Avast Antivirus also offers free antivirus software. However, you can only get basic security tools in the free software. If you want to protect your device […]

How to Resolve “This setting is enforced” Error on Google Chrome

This post lists possible solutions to the “This setting is forced by your administrator” message in Chrome. When you get this message, all browser settings will be locked and you won’t be able to make any changes to Chrome, such as updating your password, changing your search engine, etc. Some users also get the message […]

Troubleshooting: Windows Defender error code 0x80016CFA

Windows Defender error code 0x80016CFA is a pop-up scam message. It is also a tech support scam that warns you to call the number displayed on the screen for professional service. This type of pop-up error takes up the entire screen of your web browser and freezes it, giving you a blue screen. You don’t […]

Fixed “Failed to Download Bootstrapper Files” message in Synapse X

Synapse is one of the best scripting tools out there. It is known to provide incredible security and performance. In fact, it is considered the number one exploit on the market for Roblox. However, sometimes users are unable to download boot files using Synapse X. If you encounter this problem, read on and apply the […]

Solved: Avast Bank Mode Not Working in Windows 10

Avast Bank Mode is an Avast Secure Browser feature that you can use when you install any Avast antivirus software. Bank Mode provides a virtual desktop that can properly clean and protect your computer on a real PC. Bank Mode virtual desktops help protect your personal information by preventing third-party applications from introducing malicious scripts, […]

Here’s how to fix it: The Elara App Prevents Windows from Shutting Down

The Elara application is a pre-installed program that usually comes with Dell, Toshiba, or Sony laptops. It runs only on laptops (running in the task manager as the ApntEX.exe process), as its main purpose is to support touchpad functionality. However, not all integrated applications meet user expectations, as many have complained that the Elara application […]