How to Resolve Error 0x8b050033 on Xbox One

Error code 0x8b050033 can occur when you try to access certain files on Xbox One. And some users report that they encounter Xbox error code 0x8b050033 when playing certain games and can play other games without any problem. We have analyzed several posts and this IR Cache post will show you solutions for Xbox One […]

How to Repair Error 0x89234020 on Xbox One

Many users are reporting that Xbox One users cannot join or create chat groups to chat with friends during gaming sessions. The original problem was because NAT was closed. However, many users are experiencing 0x89234020 when the NAT is open. Some affected users suspect that the problem is related to their internet service provider, as […]

How to Repair Xbox One Error 0x91d70000 when Playing Blu-ray Disc

When trying to play a game on a disc from the Xbox One console, many users encounter the 0x91d70000 error. In this article on IR Cache, you will learn several troubleshooting methods. Xbox One error 0x91d70000 is a signal indicating that the formatting of the game drive is not recognized by the console. An inconsistent […]