How to Troubleshoot ‘Windows Media Player Won’t Open’ in Windows PC

Sometimes Windows Media Player may not open or work, not play MP4 files or DVDs, and not copy CDs/media files. Other symptoms are also possible, such as nothing happens when you click on the player icon or force it to open, the user interface doesn’t appear, a blue circle always appears indicating it’s loading, etc. […]

How to Repair Xbox One Error 0x91d70000 when Playing Blu-ray Disc

When trying to play a game on a disc from the Xbox One console, many users encounter the 0x91d70000 error. In this article on IR Cache, you will learn several troubleshooting methods. Xbox One error 0x91d70000 is a signal indicating that the formatting of the game drive is not recognized by the console. An inconsistent […]

How to Repair: Windows Media Player Cannot Burn Some of the Files

One of the most common errors when burning CDs using Windows Media Player is that when you write added files to a CD, the player suddenly gives an error message that says. “Windows Media Player is unable to burn some files. To investigate the problem, click the icon next to the files in the burn […]

How to fix error code 19 “Cannot start this hardware device” in Windows 10

Code 19, full error message: Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or corrupt. (Code 19), indicates that there is an error in your operating system’s registry that is causing serious problems with the hardware devices attached to your system. This can cause hardware devices to malfunction […]

What to do: The file’s length cannot be detected by Windows Media Player

Despite the addition of Groove Music, many Windows 10 users will have many reasons to continue using Windows Media Player. Of all the media players from Microsoft, Windows Media Player is probably the best. Okay, here’s the short version of the problem. Apparently, some users are having problems when trying to burn CDs and DVDs. […]