How to Resolve Error 0x8b050033 on Xbox One

Error code 0x8b050033 can occur when you try to access certain files on Xbox One. And some users report that they encounter Xbox error code 0x8b050033 when playing certain games and can play other games without any problem.

We have analyzed several posts and this IR Cache post will show you solutions for Xbox One error code 0x8b050033.

What is the cause of Xbox One error 0x8b050033?

We researched this particular problem by looking at various user reviews and the most commonly used repair strategies to solve this problem. It turns out that several scenarios can lead to this problem. Here’s a shortlist of possible culprits that can cause this problem:

Software error: in some circumstances, you may encounter this problem after a failed firmware update or after a power surge. If this scenario applies, and you have previously verified that the problem is not widespread, you should be able to solve it with a power outage.

Xbox Live Server Problem: In most cases, this particular error occurs when there are problems with some basic Xbox Live services. In this case, you have no other repair strategy other than to see if you are dealing with a server problem.

How to fix Xbox One error 0x8b050033?

Perform a quick reboot

If the error is not caused by a server failure, it could be caused by temporary problems with the console. A quick reboot works like a hard reset and fixes any firmware issues.

  1. Make sure the Xbox One console is turned on.
  2. Press the Xbox button on the console for 15 seconds until the console shuts down.
  3. After turning off the power, disconnect all cables connected to the console.
  4. After a few minutes, reconnect all cables.
  5. Press the Xbox button on your console again to turn it on.
  6. Try updating your Xbox One console and see if there is any improvement.

Check for an Xbox Live service glitch

  1. According to Microsoft, this error occurs when Xbox Live servers are down and under maintenance.
  2. Microsoft allows users to check the status of the Xbox Live service on the official site.
  3. Visit the Xbox Live status page.
  4. The Xbox Live status page lists all of the services and games that are not working.
  5. If any of them is not working, wait for Microsoft to fix the problem. You can sign up for service status updates by logging in with your Xbox account.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you see it, it means that the power-off process was successful. The Xbox One will start the animation. After the console has fully loaded, run the game that caused the error earlier and see if error code 0x8b050033 continues to appear.

  1. Reboot your Xbox One.
  2. Shut down your Xbox One from the "Something went wrong" screen.
  3. Reboot your Xbox One.
  4. Check your network connection.
  5. Try performing the update offline.
  6. Free up space on your hard drive.
  7. Reset your Xbox One to factory defaults.
  8. Contact Microsoft Support for assistance.

If the error is not caused by a server failure, it may be caused by temporary problems with the console. A brief power outage will act as a hard reset, fixing any firmware issues. The Xbox One update error 0x8b050033 is a common error and is caused by the Xbox Live server not responding.

Press and hold the Xbox button in the center of the Xbox controller to open Power Center. Select Restart the console. Select Restart.