How to Resolve Overwatch Error BC-124 on Xbox One

A BC-124 error code means that there is a connection problem between your Xbox and the game servers. While it could be caused by a problem with your own network connection, it’s also quite common for a BC-124 error to occur as a result of an update to either your Xbox or the Overwatch game […]

How to Repair Error 0x89234020 on Xbox One

Many users are reporting that Xbox One users cannot join or create chat groups to chat with friends during gaming sessions. The original problem was because NAT was closed. However, many users are experiencing 0x89234020 when the NAT is open. Some affected users suspect that the problem is related to their internet service provider, as […]

How to Troubleshoot Error Code Lettuce on Destiny 2

The error code Lettuce is a very common error that Destiny 2 players encounter. It usually occurs due to a break in communication between the server and the player, which can sometimes be caused by downtime but can have several other causes as well. In this IR Cache guide, we’ve compiled some reasons why the […]