How to Resolve “Hardware Problems Were Detected” Issue in Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool

If you get the error message “Hardware problems detected” when running the Windows Memory Diagnostics tool on Windows 11/10, this article may help. This error indicates that there is a problem with a hardware component. Some affected users have reported that the system hangs when they try to reboot the computer. They tried running the … Read more

Troubleshooting “Hard Disk 1 Quick (303)” Error on Windows 10

Hard Disk Error 303 is a diagnostic error code. Hard Disk 1 Quick 303 is a specific error message indicating that the hard drive has failed, is dead, and must be replaced immediately. So if you see such an error on your computer with the exact information displayed below on the device screen, back up … Read more

How to fix the “Unallocated space” error on a USB flash drive or SD Card

“Flash drive not allocated” – something like this may appear on the screen when you connect a USB flash drive to your PC. This message isn’t too bad, but you could still lose all your files. In short, an unallocated flash drive is a flash drive with free space that cannot be used (before partitioning). … Read more