How to open the command prompt when Windows 10 doesn’t boot

The Windows command prompt is a built-in Windows utility that allows users to enter computer commands to perform tasks or open applications without using the Windows graphical user interface. You can open the CMD prompt in Windows 10 to troubleshoot and solve problems on your Windows 10 computer. In particular, if your computer/laptop won’t turn … Read more

How to fix Windows 10: USB Error Code 43

USB (Universal Serial Bus) devices are flash drives, external hard drives, web cams, mice, etc. Thus, USB devices make up the majority of external hardware. When you connect an external device to your desktop or laptop, Windows may not recognize it. In this case, you will get an error message saying that “the last USB … Read more

How to prevent Outlook from reopening emails after a crash

Sometimes Outlook crashes or shuts down unexpectedly. When this happens, the service tries to reopen items from a previous session. Many people don’t like this default behavior setting. If you’re one of them, here’s how you can easily prevent Outlook from reopening emails after a crash. If Outlook crashes unexpectedly or if the user forcibly … Read more

How do I fix the Xbox One error code 0x9b100041

Recently, there have been several reports of users encountering a new error code 0x9b100041. According to user reports, these errors appear when users try to launch the game. As a result, users cannot even see the game’s home screen. Error code appears on Xbox One when some users try to launch games such as Oblivion … Read more

Start menu not working on Windows 10 May 2020 Update Version 2004 has been fixed

Windows Start menu doesn’t work or makes it impossible to use the search function after upgrading to Windows 10 2004? Several users are reporting a problem with the Start menu not working, even on the keyboard it no longer works. When you click on it, a boot sign appears for half a second, but it … Read more