How to Repair Activation Error Code 0xc004f200 in Windows Computer

Recently, several users reported that activation error 0xc004f200 appears on their screens when trying to activate Windows, causing the operating system to be considered non-genuine. The strange thing is that this error appears even if users are using a valid activation key. In this guide, we will explain in detail the appropriate steps to resolve […]

How to Resolve: Error Code 80090030 in Outlook (Trusted Platform Module Malfunction)

Microsoft Office 365 was launched in 2011. Since then, it has earned a reputation as a reliable cloud-based productivity suite for businesses and individuals. With its flexible pricing model and user-friendly features, it quickly became popular, allowing users to communicate, collaborate and access important files with ease. However, as with all tools and software, problems […]

How to Repair Microsoft Word Stopped Working on Windows 10 Computer

Microsoft Word is the most common word processing program in the world. It’s probably the first program that comes to mind when it comes to creating, sharing, and editing documents. Like every other Microsoft Office 365 application, Word has evolved over the years to provide many useful features for users of all ages. But does […]

How to Troubleshoot: Word experienced an error trying to open the file

If you are trying to open a .doc file on your computer and the error message “Word encountered an error trying to open file” keeps appearing and you are trying to find a solution to the problem, you are in the right place. The “Word encountered an error when trying to open file” error message […]

How to fix: Outlook send/receive error code 0x8007007e

Outlook is not sending or receiving emails and error 0x8007007E is displayed. This usually happens when the installed Microsoft Office files and Windows operating system files are updated to the latest version. After installing the latest Office and Windows updates on your computer, it is sometimes necessary to reconfigure your e-mail accounts. Because the Outlook […]