How to Eliminate Microsoft Store Acquiring License Error on Windows 10

You are receiving one of the following errors while trying to download apps or games from Microsoft Store. This could be due to an incorrect Windows 10 version, an outdated app, or some other reason. To fix it, you must follow the steps mentioned below. What causes an error when Microsoft is trying to acquire […]

How to Resolve “Something Happened and Your Pin Isn’t Available” Issue

One of the most useful security features that Microsoft recently introduced for Windows 10 is the ability to log in to Windows 10 using a PIN. Yes, this option is available to Windows 10 users and is very useful, especially if you want to add an extra layer of security to your privacy. However, sometimes […]

How to Troubleshoot ‘Windows 10 PC Takes Forever to Shutdown’ Problem

Users are reporting a new problem with Windows 10 taking a long time to shut down completely. Although the screen shuts down immediately, the hardware continues to work as the power button light illuminates for several minutes before shutting down. If it only lasts a few seconds, that’s fine, but users encounter a problem where […]

How to Troubleshoot INET_E_DOWNLOAD_FAILURE Issue

The INET_E_DOWNLOAD_FAILURE error message may be caused by a corrupted account manager entry or a corrupted website/browser cache/cookie. The problem may also be caused by incorrect Internet settings on your system. The problem occurs when a user tries to access a website (local or external) through a web browser (mostly Internet Explorer or Edge) and […]