How to resolve the Xbox One and PC Error 0x800401fb (Windows 10)

Nowadays, many users get Xbox error 0x800401fb when trying to open a game console. So if you find that the same game plan is messing up your device, don’t worry. 0x800401fb is a common MS code for a failed update that prevents you from accessing a game or app on your Xbox. Xbox is very … Read more

How to Resolve ‘Your Power Plan Information Isn’t Available’ Issue on Windows 10

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How to Eliminate Microsoft Store Acquiring License Error on Windows 10

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How to Troubleshoot ‘Windows 10 PC Takes Forever to Shutdown’ Problem

Users are reporting a new problem with Windows 10 taking a long time to shut down completely. Although the screen shuts down immediately, the hardware continues to work as the power button light illuminates for several minutes before shutting down. If it only lasts a few seconds, that’s fine, but users encounter a problem where … Read more