How to resolve the Xbox One and PC Error 0x800401fb (Windows 10)

Error 0x800401fb

Nowadays, many users get Xbox error 0x800401fb when trying to open a game console. So if you find that the same game plan is messing up your device, don’t worry. 0x800401fb is a common MS code for a failed update that prevents you from accessing a game or app on your Xbox.

Xbox is very popular among gamers, but many bugs and problems make this console frustrating. These bugs not only waste your time playing games but also cripple the entire media center to some degree. Even though Microsoft is working very hard to fix them, most of the problems still exist. So there needs to be a concrete solution to the problem.


What does error 0x800401fb mean?

What does error 0x800401fb mean

This problem prevents them from accessing the dashboard, running apps, and other tasks. Here’s how one of the users affected by this problem reported it on Xbox.

As soon as I turn on my Xbox, it shows this error code (0x800401fb) and a “close” button. Pressing the “home” or “close” button does not work.

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What is the cause of error 0x800401fb?

We investigated this particular issue by looking at several user reports and the most commonly used repair strategies to resolve this issue. It turns out that there are several different scenarios that result in the 0x800401fb error message:

Xbox Live Server Problem:

  • If you are experiencing this problem on your Xbox One, it may well be the result of an unexpected maintenance period or server failure. In this case, you can only confirm the server problem and wait for Microsoft to fix it.

Xbox One Firmware Error:

  • Another common scenario that can lead to this error on the Xbox One is a firmware error. This usually occurs after a failed update, in which case you should be able to fix the problem by forcing the capacitors to discharge by manually turning off the power.

Xbox One corrupt operating system files:

  • It is also possible that the problem is due to some kind of corruption of the operating system files that affects the operating system files on your console. If this scenario applies to your current situation, you can resolve the problem by performing a soft reset on your Xbox One console.

Damaged Video Playback Components:

  • In Windows 10, the most common cause that causes this particular error message is a corrupted file among the dependencies that Windows uses to perform video playback tasks. In such situations, the most effective way to solve the problem is to use the video playback troubleshooter.

Account security scan fails:

  • If you use a Microsoft account that is not verified (by email or phone), you may find this particular error when using certain applications, such as Groove Music or Movies & TV. In this case, you can bypass the problem entirely by using a local account instead.

If you are currently experiencing the same error message and are looking for a workable solution, this article provides a set of troubleshooting guides that you can use to fix error 0x800401fb. Each of the possible solutions listed below has been confirmed by at least one interested user who has encountered the same error.

Note that the problem occurs on both Xbox One and PC, so not all solutions can be replicated to the device. So follow the methods below in the order listed and discard solutions that target a different platform.

Finally, you should find a solution that permanently fixes error 0x800401fb, regardless of the cause of the error


How do I fix error 0x800401fb on Xbox One?

Check the status of the Xbox Live services

Check the status of the Xbox Live services

1.) In some cases, Xbox Live services are temporarily unavailable during maintenance periods. Visit this page to see if there are any problems with the service.
2.) Check the current status of Xbox Live Basic Services.
3.) Move on to the next solution if all services are working fine.
4.) If the services are not working, you will have to wait for Microsoft to fix the server issues in the background.
5.) Check again after a few hours, rebooting the console, and see if the problem persists.


Contacting Customer Support


1.) If none of the above solutions worked for you, you can contact Xbox Support.
2.) Visit the Microsoft website and go to the support section for prompt assistance.


Perform a restart

If the 0x800401fb error still occurs and you have verified that you are not experiencing problems with the server, you can probably solve the problem by turning off the console and then turning it back on. Several users who also encountered this error reported that the problem was resolved after following the procedure below.

1.) With the console turned on, press and hold the Xbox button on the front of the console. Press and hold the button for about 10 seconds. You can release the button once the front LED starts flashing intermittently.
2.) Once your console is completely off, wait one minute before turning it back on.
3.) After a full minute, press the Xbox button again (don’t hold it down) and look for the green logo in the Xbox animation. If you see it, it means the power-off process is complete.
4.) Once your console is fully up and running, repeat the action that previously caused error 0x800401fb and see if the error has been resolved.

Note: If updates are available, install them first before attempting to reinstall error 0x800401fb.

If this method does not work, or if the patch does not help you resolve the error message, go to the next method described below.


Resetting the console

Resetting the console

1.) First, open the Guide menu by pressing the Xbox button on the controller.
2.) Once the help menu opens, go to System -> Settings -> System -> Console Info.
3.) Now select Reset Console from the Console Info menu.
4.) From the Reset Console menu, select Reset and keep my games and applications available.
5.) At this point, your console will reset the operating system. Depending on your network, you may have to wait a while to complete the procedure.
6.) At the end of this process, the console will automatically reboot.

After the reboot, the 0x800401fb error should disappear and you should be able to use the game station without any problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can reset the console using the troubleshooting feature when the Xbox boots. Turn off the console, then unplug the power cord to make sure the console is completely off. Wait 30 seconds, then reconnect the power cord.

  1. On your PC, go to and select Login.
  2. If that doesn't work, select Start > Settings > Time & Language.
  3. If none of these options work, select Start > Settings > Accounts, find the Microsoft account you used to sign in to the Xbox app, and select Delete.

To fix Xbox One Xbox Live login issues, perform a full system reset, also known as a power cycle, cold restart, or hard reset. To do this, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds while the system is running. Then the system will shut down. When the button is pressed again, it will start up and display the green main screen.

"Xbox One error code 0x8000ffff" is an error that can occur after starting a game or joining a group chat. It could mean that some features are unavailable due to temporary system maintenance, an unexpected problem with Xbox Live, or a network configuration issue. The error can also occur on the Xbox 360.