How to Eliminate 0x80070026 Error Code on Windows PC

Error codes are used to communicate problems with Windows operating systems. They are usually accompanied by a description of what went wrong. However, some errors do not provide enough information about why something happened. In such cases, you might see a generic error code like “0x80070026.” These error codes are often associated with a specific … Read more

How to Troubleshoot ‘Stuck on Just a Moment’ Issue on Windows 10 Laptop

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How to Resolve Error 0x80d02002 on Windows 10

Microsoft regularly releases Windows updates containing new features, security features, and bug fixes to close security holes caused by third-party applications. When new updates appear, Windows 10 is set to install them automatically. But sometimes users report that updates cannot be installed, update installation fails with error 0x80d02002, etc. If you are also facing this … Read more

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How to Troubleshoot ‘Windows 10 PC Takes Forever to Shutdown’ Problem

Users are reporting a new problem with Windows 10 taking a long time to shut down completely. Although the screen shuts down immediately, the hardware continues to work as the power button light illuminates for several minutes before shutting down. If it only lasts a few seconds, that’s fine, but users encounter a problem where … Read more