Troubleshooting VT-x Is Not Available (VERR_VMX_NO_VMX)

This guide provides instructions to resolve the following error in VirtualBox: “Failed to open session for virtual machine (VM MachineName). VT-x not available (VERR_VMX_NO_VMX) with result code: E_FAIL (0x80004005). The VirtualBox “VT-x not available” error occurs on a computer running Windows 10 Pro with a Gigabyte Z370 HD3P motherboard and an Intel Core i7-8700 processorContinue reading “Troubleshooting VT-x Is Not Available (VERR_VMX_NO_VMX)”

Bug Fix: Windows Sandbox failed to start – Error 0xc030106

What is Error 0xc030106? As an avid Windows 10 user, you may sometimes find several error messages on your system. The problems may be caused by a third-party software you are using or by the failure of existing third-party software. But among the many complications, people face in the computer world, one of the onesContinue reading “Bug Fix: Windows Sandbox failed to start – Error 0xc030106”