Bug Fix: Windows Sandbox failed to start – Error 0xc030106

What is Error 0xc030106?

error 0xc030106

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As an avid Windows 10 user, you may sometimes find several error messages on your system. The problems may be caused by a third-party software you are using or by the failure of existing third-party software. But among the many complications, people face in the computer world, one of the ones that strike today is the Windows 10 sandbox problem.

For those who don’t know, Windows Sandbox is a one-time virtual environment that can be activated if and when you suspect suspicious software. You can run it in combination in an isolated environment to make sure it doesn’t interfere with normal processes.

For those who have no idea about Windows Sandbox, it is a small integrated desktop environment that allows you to safely run applications in an isolated environment. It was introduced last year and simply generates a new lightweight (100 MB) Windows installation to run the program. Now let’s see how to fix some sandbox bugs that have been happening for a while.

While Windows Sandbox is running, sometimes you may encounter an error code – 0xc030106. The meaning of this code is that Windows Sandbox did not start. The virtual machine or Container was unexpectedly interrupted. But today there is no need to worry as we have a solution to fix the error code 0xc030106 on Windows.


What is Windows Sandbox?

windows sandbox

Windows Sandbox provides an easy working environment for secure and isolated application operation. Software installed in a Windows Sandbox environment remains a “sandbox” and runs separately from the main computer.

The sandbox is temporary. When it is closed, all software, files, and reports are deleted. Each time you open an application, you get a brand new instance of the sandbox.

Windows Sandbox is designed to run an untrusted application in an isolated environment such as a virtual machine. It is a lightweight virtual machine, an ideal tool often used by developers. If you haven’t heard of Windows Sandbox, find it here and install it. Installing Windows Sandbox is very easy, but in my experience, it is a bit tricky. After installing Windows Sandbox, many users may encounter this error.

Software and applications installed on the host are not directly available in the Sandbox. If you need certain applications in a Windows Sandbox environment, they must be explicitly installed in that environment.

Windows Sandbox has the following features :

  • Part of Windows: everything you need for this feature is included in Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise. There is no need to load a VHD.
  • Pristine: Every time the Windows Sandbox is started, it is as clean as a brand new Windows installation.
  • Disposable: Nothing is left on the device. Everything is discarded when the user closes the application.
  • Security: Uses hardware virtualization to isolate the kernel. It relies on the Microsoft hypervisor to run a separate kernel which isolates the Windows sandbox from the host.
  • Efficient: Uses a built-in kernel scheduler, intelligent memory management, and virtual GPU.


What is the cause of error 0xc030106

What is the cause of error 0xc030106

According to security experts, this type of error in Windows Sandbox is related to certain problems with the virtualization component that supports it.

It may be caused by other factors as well, and there are several possible solutions you should check to fix it. You can try running Windows Sandbox as an administrator.

You should also make sure that all support processes are working correctly, and try to install any incomplete Windows updates.

When Windows Sandbox is running, you may sometimes encounter an error code – 0xc030106. The meaning of this code is that Windows Sandbox did not start.

The virtual machine or Container was unexpectedly interrupted. But there is no need to worry today, as we have a solution to fix the 0xc030106 error code on Windows.

The problem could also be caused by the third-party software you are using or the failure of your existing third-party software.


How to fix Windows Sandbox failed to start with error 0xc030106?

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There are the following working methods to fix Windows Sandbox startup error with code 0xc030106 :

  1. Run Windows Sandbox as an administrator.
  2. Make sure that all support processes are running.
  3. Install any incomplete Windows updates.

1.) Run Windows Sandbox as an administrator

Scroll down the Start menu to the Windows Sandbox entry.

Run Windows Sandbox as an administrator

Right-click it and select Advanced > Run as administrator.

In the UAC or User Account Control prompt you received, select Yes to properly run Windows Sandbox on your computer.


2.) Ensure that all support processes are running

Open Windows Services Manager and make sure that all the services mentioned are running. You can restart these services in the order specified:

  1. Network Virtualization Service.
  2. Virtual Hard Drive.
  3. Hyper – V virtual machine.
  4. Hyper – V. Host Computing Service.
  5. Container Management Services.

Once this is done, just try running Windows Sandbox again and see.


3.) Install any incomplete Windows updates

Go to the Windows Update section of the Windows 10 Settings app and click Check for Updates to get all pending updates from Microsoft.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Methods to fix Windows Sandbox error 0xc0370106

  1. Run Windows Sandbox as an administrator.
  2. Restore some support processes.
  3. Install pending Windows updates.
  4. Disable and enable the Windows Sandbox.
  5. Remove the last accumulated Windows 10 updates.
  6. Scan system files utility.
  7. Run the DISM command.

To fix error 0xc0370106 when starting a Windows sandbox - Error

  1. Promoted to Director.
  2. Install pending updates (KB4505903) and reboot the PC.
  3. Make sure the required services are active.
  4. Disable and enable the sandbox.
  5. Remove the last update or problematic update.
  6. Restore corrupted system files.
  7. Be patient.

If you want to add a program at startup, create this configuration file.

The sandbox environment starts the program automatically each time it is started.

1.) Open and edit the saved configuration file and enter the following :


2.) Save the file.

When this is complete, Windows Sandbox will execute the command you specified after creating the session.

However, this feature can be enabled on appliances, provided they are running Windows 10 version 1903 or later.

The Sandbox installer is a batch file that can be run on Windows 10 Home devices that meet the requirements to unlock Windows Sandbox on the device.