How to Resolve Printer Installation Error 0x000003eb in Windows PC

Windows printer installation fails with the error message “Unable to install the printer. Process failed to complete”? Users especially often report errors 0x000003eb Unable to install printer Operation could not be completed after installing Windows 10 Fall Creators Upgrade printer. If you also get printer installation error 0x000003eb ‘Unable to install the printer. The operation […]

How to Resolve Printer Driver ‘Error 0x80070705’ – Unknown Printer Driver

When migrating printers from an old server to a new server using Group Policy Preferences, you may get an error `Unknown printer driver’, which will prevent you from completing the operation. You may also see the following error code, 0x80070705. According to some users, this problem occurs mostly when trying to migrate printers from the […]

How to troubleshoot the printer connection error 0x0000000D

In most cases, Windows will automatically detect any printer that is on the same network as your PC. But what should you do if your computer does not see a printer or simply refuses to connect? Adding a printer to your local network is easy in theory, but the reality is that it can be […]