How to Get Rid ‘An Error Occured During Port Configuration’ Error Message

The following error appears when you are trying to configure the port of a printer. This error occurs due to some issues with the port itself. If you see this error, it means there is something wrong with the port. In such cases, you must perform a hard reset to resolve the issue. Port configuration […]

How to Repair 0x00000bc4 Printer Error on Windows PC

Error 0x00000bc4 is one of the most common error codes that printer owners encounter when trying to print from Windows computers. This printer error code usually occurs for the following reasons. You are trying to add a wireless printer to your computer. There is a problem with the printer’s wireless connection. An error in your […]

How to Restore Operation Failed with Error 0x00004005 on Windows PC

The “Operation failed with error 0x00004005” popup appears when you try to add a network printer to your computer and print with a printer previously added to the network. This happens mainly because the print spooler service has stopped, or outdated/inadequate drivers may cause it. This is not a problem related to a print spooler […]

How to Fix ‘Printer Attention Required’ Error Message

Many Windows 10 users have recently encountered an error where the printer refuses to print pages and they get an error message saying that the printer needs attention or that the printer requires user intervention. In this article, we’ll look at why you get this error and how to fix it. What causes the “Printer […]