How to Resolve: `There was an unexpected error loading this library` on Plex

This guide will show you how to fix the Plex error: There was an unexpected error loading this library. Plex is a handy platform for watching live movies, streaming online content, and can even play media files stored locally on your device. Thus, it works as both a viewing device and a local media player. […]

How to Repair: “Error Code S1001 (Network)” on Plex Media Player

Have you ever found that when your Plex Media Player transcodes something, an error code suddenly appears? Whether it’s 4K, or Full HD content, or a 1080p to 480p video download, this error always appears. How can we make sure this error doesn’t appear and bother us when using Plex Media Player? And how do […]

Fixing the “NVIDIA Output Not Connected” error in Windows 10

Are your NVIDIA outputs grayed out and listed as “Not connected”? Can’t get HDMI audio to work? No need to panic. You’re certainly not alone. Many Windows users report the exact same problem. But most importantly, you can quickly and easily fix the situation. NVIDIA is one of the leading suppliers of excellent graphics cards […]

How do I solve the Push-to-Talk Not Working in TeamSpeak

TeamSpeak is a VoIP program that allows you to make conference calls with ease. It includes a wide range of features, including push-to-talk. Unfortunately, this feature no longer works for some users as they are experiencing push-to-talk not working. If you don’t fix the problem, you may find yourself screaming frantically into the microphone and […]

Fixing the Stream HDR Video Switch that Cannot be Enabled after Windows 10 Upgrade

The bug prevents users from enabling streaming HDR video after upgrading to Windows 10 1903 or later if they previously disabled the setting. In a new support bulletin for educational versions of Windows, Microsoft says that users who disabled the “Stream HDR video” option on Windows 10 1809 and then upgraded to Windows 10 1903 […]