How to Repair: “Error Code S1001 (Network)” on Plex Media Player

Have you ever found that when your Plex Media Player transcodes something, an error code suddenly appears? Whether it’s 4K, or Full HD content, or a 1080p to 480p video download, this error always appears.

How can we make sure this error doesn’t appear and bother us when using Plex Media Player? And how do we fix this error when we encounter this error code? In this IR Cache article, we will tell you the different causes and solutions to fix this problem. Let’s take a look.

What is causing the Plex Media Player error code s1001 (Network)?

It turns out that several scenarios can cause this problem in Plex Media Player. Here are some possible culprits:

Interference from third-party antivirus programs or firewalls: If you are using a third-party firewall or antivirus program, it is possible that the Plex Media Server’s false positive is causing it to shut down prematurely. In this case, you must disable real-time protection or remove the excessive protection package.

Custom URLs in the Tools menu: This problem occurs when users have previously populated the Movie Pre-Roll field in the Extras menu of your Plex Server. In this case, removing the links from the Movie Pre-Roll box should permanently resolve the problem.

Plex server mismatch: One of the most common cases causing this error is a faulty update that caused a mismatch with your Plex server. If this scenario applies, you may be able to resolve the problem by reinstalling the Plex server and all of its associated dependencies.

Damaged Plex Server database: in some cases, this problem may arise due to corrupt entries in the locally stored Plex Server database. To solve this problem, you must run a series of quick commands to use the restore feature.

How to resolve the error code S1001 (network) in Plex Media Player?

Check to see if your antivirus or firewall is disabled

Sometimes your antivirus software and even the Windows firewall can interfere with your Plex Media Server. If the Plex s1001 error code persists after applying all the above methods, you can add the server to security program exceptions. Here’s how:

  1. Type Firewall in the search box, and then select Windows Defender Firewall from the pop-up menu.
  2. In the left pane, click Allow application or feature through Windows Defender Firewall.
  3. Select the Plex Media Server checkbox in the list of programs and check the Private and Public checkboxes. Then click OK to save your changes.
  4. If the error occurs while playing Plex, you can temporarily disable the antivirus software or firewall intrusion until the error is resolved.

Removing custom URLs from preview videos

Some users report that custom URLs in video previews can cause Plex playback errors. If this is the case, you can try removing all custom URLs by following these instructions:

  1. Open the Plex Media Server and log in to your account.
  2. Click on your account icon in the upper-right corner and select Account.
  3. In the left pane, scroll down to the Settings menu and click Tools.
  4. Go to the right pane and delete all custom URLs in the video block before launching.
  5. Click Save Changes to complete the process. After that, you can check if the “Play Media Server does not open” problem has been resolved.

Clean reinstallation of Plex Media Server

According to research, a faulty Plex update in July 2019 is one of the most common causes of Plex error code: s1001 (network).

If you recently installed an update, you can perform the following steps to reinstall the Plex Media Server cleanly.

  1. Press Win + R to open the Run dialog box, then type appwiz.cpl in the box and press Enter.
  2. Scroll through the list of installed programs, then right-click Plex Media Server or other related programs and select Uninstall.
  3. Then follow the instructions on the screen to complete the uninstallation.
  4. Open the Run dialog box again, type Regedit, and press Enter.
  5. In the registry editor, use the left navigation bar to navigate to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\.
  6. Right-click the “Plex Media Server” entry and choose “Remove” from the context menu.
  7. Open the runtime window and type %LOCALAPPDATA% and press Enter to open the local folder. In this folder, delete all folders associated with the Plex Media Server.
  8. After removing all of the Plex installation components, restart your computer and go to the official Plex Media Server website to download the correct version.
  9. Right-click on the executable file, select Install and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  10. You can then restart the program and see if the Plex s1001 error code has disappeared.