How to Repair Ntfs.Sys Blue Screen Issue on Windows 10

This error usually occurs due to corruptions in Ntfs.sys file, which is responsible for managing access to data stored on hard disks. Microsoft has introduced several patches over the years to address this issue. However, some users still face problems while trying to resolve them. If you are one such person, here we provide you … Read more

How to Resolve Discord ‘Fatal JavaScript Error’ on Windows 10 Computer

Many Discord users see an error every time they open the program. Discord fails to start and the error message “A fatal javascript error has occurred” appears. Although this is a common error, there are several effective methods to fix it. If you see a fatal javascript error in Discord, follow these tips. What causes … Read more

Fixed: IRQL NOT DISPATCH LEVEL – Stop Error 0x00000008

Blue screens of death or BSODs are really unattractive. When they appear, it means that Microsoft has encountered a critical error from which it cannot recover. This is usually due to a faulty hardware component or a problem with low-level software. Although BSODs look different because they vary depending on the version of Windows, in … Read more