Fixed: Office 2016 won’t install in Windows 10

We all know how important Microsoft Office is to users. However, after launching Microsoft Office 2016, many users reported the problem of ‘office 2016 won’t install’ during installation when the following error appears during installation: An error occurred during the installation of Microsoft Office 2016. Office for home use can be purchased as a lump … Read more

How do I fix Microsoft Office error 30094-1015

Microsoft Office is a suite of productivity applications that make it easy to work at home and in the office. Each application provides its users with various services, such as creating documents, spreadsheets, and even receiving e-mail. Unfortunately, like any other application, Microsoft Office is prone to errors. One such common error is error 30094-1015, … Read more

Fixed Microsoft Store bug 0x80073D02 on Windows 10

The Microsoft Store is a digital distribution platform containing a wide selection of apps, games, movies, and even TV shows. It also allows users to easily purchase Microsoft devices, such as Xbox hardware. However, with all these advantages, there are some drawbacks. If you’re a Windows user and use the Microsoft Store to download new … Read more

Fixed HTTP 451 bug – Unavailable for legal reasons

The Internet world is full of online restrictions that are hard to tolerate. Every government has set basic rules for the Internet. But living under restrictions is everyone’s forte. That’s why everyone tries to fix bugs like “Error 451 is unavailable for legal reasons.” If you are such a user, you will get what you … Read more

How to fix error 0xE8000065 in iTunes on Windows 10

Error code 0xE8000065 in iTunes is related to problems connecting to your Apple device and can be caused by various reasons such as system errors, improper driver installation, outdated software, damaged USB cables, or improper system configuration. In either case, it is important to fix this problem immediately so that you can continue to use … Read more