How to Solve Windows Defender Error 0x800704ec on Windows 10

Error 0x800704ec may occur when activating Windows Defender. This Windows Defender error 0x800704ec is an official Windows message. In this article, you will find effective solutions to this problem with Windows Defender. What is error 0x800704ec and what causes it Error 0x800704ec is an error message that informs you that your program cannot run. It […]

How to Repair `Error Adding Friend` on Steam

The Steam online portal allows you to buy games, play with friends, share screenshots and user-generated game assets, and share games. These features are available when you sign up for a service and buy a game. To participate in a cooperative game or collaboration, you need to add your friend to Steam. Adding a friend […]

Fixed HTTP 451 bug – Unavailable for legal reasons

The Internet world is full of online restrictions that are hard to tolerate. Every government has set basic rules for the Internet. But living under restrictions is everyone’s forte. That’s why everyone tries to fix bugs like “Error 451 is unavailable for legal reasons.” If you are such a user, you will get what you […]