The error message “Process failed. Item not found “sometimes appears when you click” Send/Receive “or try to open certain attachments in Outlook. According to Microsoft, this error may be caused by problems with the master PST file. The error message may also be due to a conflict with other applications installed on your computer, such as: B. your anti-virus software. In this case, uninstalling or disabling the conflicting application may help.

Run Outlook in normal mode

Then make sure that Outlook is in compatibility mode. Take a look at the steps to do this:

Change the connection mode of Outlook

Cached paging mode provides a better experience when using cached paging mode.

Create a new Outlook profile

Another possible cause of this problem is a corrupt Outlook profile. So try creating a new profile to fix the error.

  1. First, go to Start >> Settings >> Control Panel.
  2. Then double-click the mail icon.
  3. Now, in the Email Setup dialog box, select the Show Profiles option.
  4. The New Profile dialog box appears. In the Profile Name field, enter a descriptive type of name for the new profile and click OK.
  5. Then in the Email Accounts dialog box, select “Add New Email Account” in the email settings and click “Next” to continue.
  6. Now click the type of server the email account is running on, then click Next to continue.
  7. Fill in all the required information, including the fields that appear after you select the Advanced Settings option.
  8. When you have entered all the required information, click Done.

Clear the Startup Window

Execute a Clean Boot