Microsoft Outlook is a kind of personal information manager. It provides the ability to store your emails, contacts, and other items in one place. In addition, users can create an Offline Address Book (OAB) file, which is a downloadable list of addresses. You can easily access this list even if they are disconnected from Exchange Online.

When users try to update their Exchange Offline Address Books (OABs), they see a “Reported Task (0x80190194)” error: “Operation failed”. This error usually occurs when only web distribution is allowed for your Offline Address Book file.

In addition, there are many reasons that can cause this error code in the Outlook client. Let’s take a quick look.

Here are some factors responsible for this Outlook email error code 0x80190194:

Create a replica of the offline address book file on the Client Access Server.

This method requires the user to create duplicate offline address book files in the offline address book directories being accessed, and can be easily downloaded by the customer.

Create new Offline Address Book files

Outlook users can create a new offline address book file by renaming the available offline address book files as described below.

These are simple solutions that you can use to fix Outlook error 0x80190194 that occurs when updating offline address book files. If the above solutions did not help, we recommend that you consult with an expert or an Exchange Server expert.

In this blog, I have tried to cover all the issues related to – How to fix Outlook address book update error “0x80190194”. Knowing that manual methods take time and technical knowledge, it is recommended to use an alternative solution that anyone can easily use, whether they have technical knowledge or not.