Outlook rules are automatic actions that are taken on incoming e-mail messages. For example, a rule filters all messages from a specific sender in a folder so you can view them later.

By defining these rules, you can simplify your mailbox and become more efficient. Troubleshooting common mistakes can help you fix broken rules so you can get back to a clean inbox.

Reasons for not working Outlook rules

Various unrelated issues prevent Outlook rules from starting automatically or even turning off rules completely. Any of these could be the culprit:

How do Outlook rules work?

The Outlook ruler is one of the best ways to automatically do manual work. For example, if you received a ton of emails from different suppliers, now is the time to automate the sorting process. This can save you a lot of time and you just need to automatically create the rule and send it to the specified folders.

You can easily create rules and adapt them to your needs. Managing rules is not difficult either. This whole process can make your daily work easy and efficient.

Try a different email client

We’ve already noticed that you want to save a lot of time by not logging into different accounts to check your daily email.

Using an email client becomes useless if the rules don’t always work. You are not new to this Outlook error, but an email client like Mailbird can make a huge difference.

Well, it has a lot of cool features, including an easy-to-use minimalist interface, the ability to customize layouts to suit your needs, and consistent error-free use.

Best of all, it integrates with your favorite calendar, tasks and messaging apps – Facebook, Slack, Evernote, Dropbox – just take your pick!

Delete rules

One of the best ways to fix rules is to delete them. Then you can tweak the same rules again to make them work. You can remove Outlook rules as described above.

That’s it, it’s very easy to do and you won’t run into Outlook rules that don’t work on Windows 10. You should also look for rules to turn off problems that might cause the same problem. Try all methods. If you have any problems, please contact our technical specialists for help.