Updating Windows 10 is not a mandatory tradition, but an absolute necessity. In addition to updating the features that keep the operating system up to date, you need to update other important components, such as: B. Virus definitions for Windows Defender. Other updates include updates to your drivers and other application programming interfaces such as the .NET Framework.

At this point, many users understand the seriousness of an outdated system and try as much as possible to always get the latest updates from Microsoft. Sometimes, however, this is a fix: the Windows Update utility often generates errors indicating that the update process cannot proceed. One of these error codes is the Windows Update Center error 0xc1900223.

We believe this is the error that brought you here. We will show you various solutions and workarounds that have helped other users just like you to get rid of it.

Run the Windows Update Center Troubleshooter

To solve this problem, you must first run the Windows Update Center Troubleshooter. This will check for Windows Update violations and the status of the services associated with the process. In this way, you will be able to resolve the problem. The procedure to run the Windows Update Troubleshooter is as follows:

Run the multimedia creation tool

If you still can’t update your Windows 10 installation after running the Windows Update Center Troubleshooter, you can run the Multimedia Creation Tool to resolve the issue.

Disable/remove pi hole

If you are using or have been using software known as pi-hole, we highly recommend that you install a feature update with pi-hole disabled. If this does not solve the problem, try uninstalling it, clearing the DNS service [4] and restarting the update. We will explain it to you in detail:

Stop the Windows Update Center service