Troubleshooting the Error Code 014.30 in Roku

The 014.30 error occurs when the Roku does not receive a strong Internet signal or cannot connect to the Internet while broadcasting.

The error usually appears as a purple box that takes up most of the screen. This is a common message:

Unable to connect to the wireless network. Check the following:
Is your password entered correctly (passwords are case sensitive)?
Is your router blocking unknown MAC addresses? If so, add the MAC address.
Error code: 014.30

What’s causing error code 014.30 on Roku?

  • Weak Wi-Fi signal: Some Roku devices access the Internet via Wi-Fi. For streaming to be effective, the wireless signal must be reliable. However, the further away you get from the router, the weaker the signal becomes, and the connection is lost as the distance between the Wi-Fi and the Roku device becomes too long.
  • Poor Internet: Most users encounter this error when streaming from Roku devices or between streaming sessions. It also occurs when the Internet signal from the service provider is weak. In this case, the Roku device cannot work effectively.
  • Incorrect password/SSID: When setting up the Roku connection, you may have entered an incorrect SSID password for the Wi-Fi connection. This, in turn, will cause the system to fail when trying to connect to the Internet. Thus, it could cause both an error code and 014.40.
  • TV settings: Your TV may not be set up as it should be, which is causing this error. There may also be problems with the TV software, especially if important files necessary for the system to work are missing.

How to resolve the error code 014.30 in Roku?

Turning off the hardware

Since the router may have accumulated a corrupt DNS cache that prevents devices from connecting to a particular service, unplug the router and TV.

  1. Unplug the router and TV.
  2. Press and hold the “Power” buttons on these devices for at least 20 seconds to discharge
  3. the electricity stored in the capacitors.
  4. Reconnect the units and turn them on.
  5. Wait for access to be granted and check to see if the problem persists.

Resetting the TV to factory settings

In some cases where the TV software has been compromised, we will reset the TV to factory settings. This will fix any software problems and restore the default settings. Make a note of the important settings you changed or save important data.

  1. Press the Home button to open the Home screen.
  2. Scroll down and select Settings.
  3. Scroll to the right using the arrow keys and select “System.
  4. Press the Right Arrow button again and select Advanced System Settings.
  5. Press the Right Arrow key again and select “Factory Defaults”.
  6. Press the button again and select the “Reset all factory settings” option.
  7. To continue, enter the code shown on the screen and press “OK”.
  8. This will reset all settings and configurations to factory defaults.
  9. Once the reset is complete, turn on your TV and connect it to your wireless network.
  10. Enter the SSID and password to confirm the connection after selecting the network name.

Frequently Asked Questions

Make sure that you have entered the correct credentials for your network. Make sure your router is working properly. Make sure your Roku is receiving a strong WiFi signal. Restart your Roku and your router and try reconnecting your Roku to the network.

  1. To reboot your Roku TV, go to Settings -> System -> Advanced System Settings -> Factory Settings -> Reset All Settings to Factory Defaults.
  2. To reboot your router, refer to your Internet Service Provider's or router manufacturer's instructions.

  1. Select your wireless network and enter the correct password.
  2. Make sure your router is working properly.
  3. Improve your wireless network signal strength.
  4. Try using an Ethernet cable or a third-party adapter.
  5. Restart the router.
  6. Restart your Roku device.

First, make sure that the power cord is properly connected and plugged in. If the device still won't turn on, unplug the power cord for five seconds and then plug it back in. If this doesn't work, you should reset your Roku device using the reset button. If that still doesn't work, you can contact Roku Support.