Troubleshooting: League of Legends Error Code 003 in Windows 10

One of the most frustrating error codes you can encounter in League of Legends is the 003 error code that appears whenever you try to add new patches. Here’s what you can do about it.

This error code indicates a connection problem between the receiving client and the patch server. The most common cause is an unstable connection.

When exploring an evolving metaphor or trying out new content, error 003 will hang for a long minute while you try to solve the problem.

What causes error code 003 in League of Legends?

Internet problem: If the problem is caused by connecting to the Internet from a remote location that is not allowed by the server, or if the server deems the connection suspicious, the files will not be able to be installed. Therefore, it is recommended that you use a VPN to connect or try to establish another connection.

Corrupted content: the content downloaded from the launcher may have been corrupted, causing an error when applying the fix. Large files can often be corrupted if the connection is unstable or quickly dropped and restored during the download. This can also cause League of Legends to no longer open.

Windows Update: In some cases, an error may occur when a Windows update is pending installation. It is important that all Windows updates are installed and that the update queue is empty. If there are updates waiting to be installed, this error may occur.

Antivirus: In some cases, antivirus installed on the system may prevent the launcher from installing a patch/game, causing an error. This is usually due to a false warning from an anti-virus program that classifies certain files on your computer as suspicious, preventing the launcher from installing them.

How to solve the League of Legends error code 003?

Configure your DNS

  1. Go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Change Adapter Settings > go to your active network adapter (your active Internet connection).
  2. Right click on it > select Properties > go to Internet Protocol Version 4 > select Properties.
  3. Under Use the following DNS server address, enter the following DNS numbers: for the preferred DNS server and for the alternate DNS server.
  4. Now run the command line as administrator and type the following command: ipconfig /flushdns > press Enter
  5. Reboot your computer and start the game again.

Turn off your firewall

  1. Go to Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Firewall.
  2. Click the Allow application or feature through the Windows Firewall button.
  3. Select Change settings > scroll down the list of programs and find LoL > check the appropriate checkbox.
  4. Go to Allow other programs > find LoL in the list > Add > click OK.

Start the game as an administrator

  1. Right-click on the game icon on your desktop > click the “Compatibility” tab.
  2. Activate the option Run this program as an administrator
  3. Start LoL again.

Delete contents of the discard file

  1. Go to Rads > Projects > lol_game_client > releases.
  2. Delete the releases file, not all files, otherwise, you risk deleting the entire game.
  3. This way you will delete the last patch and your computer will download it again.
  4. Restart the game.
  5. Remember that deleting the contents of this file may take some time, depending on what is stored in it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Check the minimum system requirements for League of Legends.
  2. Run the latest driver and game updates.
  3. Update to DirectX.
  4. Install the latest Windows updates.
  5. Install DotNet Framework 3.5.
  6. Restore corrupted game files.
  7. Perform a full reboot.
  8. Reset your graphics card software.

  1. Open the League of Legends launcher.
  2. Click the "Gear" button to open the "Settings" menu.
  3. Click on the "Repair" button. The repair process will take about 30-60 minutes.

If you can't connect and get stuck in a reconnection loop, this could indicate a bad network connection. The cause may be an outdated or faulty network card driver. To solve the problem, try updating your network driver.

If you encounter a problem with not being able to open the league, simply disable the Windows Firewall on the taskbar. Sometimes the Windows firewall prevents the client from working. Many users have also found that updating the graphics driver or video card driver solves the problem.