How to Repair Error 0x80070035 (Network Path was Not Found) on Windows 10

Of the many ways to share files between two systems, sharing files between two systems connected to the same network is one of the most convenient options. However, some users have reported the following error when trying to share resources: Error code 0x80070035 Network path not found. What causes error 0x80070035? This error 0x80070035 occurs […]

How to Troubleshoot: Access is Denied Error in uTorrent on Windows 10

BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file-sharing protocol that is very popular among Internet users. Its main advantage is the high data transfer speed since the file is not downloaded from the server but from several computers and each user who has already downloaded the file. One of the most popular BitTorrent clients (P2P file download and […]