How to Eliminate ‘You do not have permission even as an administrative user’ on Windows 10

Windows administrators are often tasked with managing permissions across large networks. This includes setting up accounts for employees, granting appropriate privileges to different groups, and ensuring that no group has too much power over another. When working with network shares, there are typically three types of users: Domain Users, Local Users, and Administrators. Each type … Read more

How to Troubleshoot ‘An error occurred while reconnecting’ on Windows PC

As far as we know, the Windows error “Microsoft Windows Network: Local device name is already in use” is a Windows error related to the mapping of network drives and is quite common among people who work with network systems every day. The problem occurs when trying to access a network drive and then encountering … Read more

How to Repair Error 0x80070035 (Network Path was Not Found) on Windows 10

Of the many ways to share files between two systems, sharing files between two systems connected to the same network is one of the most convenient options. However, some users have reported the following error when trying to share resources: Error code 0x80070035 Network path not found. What causes error 0x80070035? This error 0x80070035 occurs … Read more