How to Solve ‘The Exception Breakpoint has been Reached’ Error Message

Windows 10 is probably the most widely used operating system in the PC world. It has many new features that make it more accessible and functional. Windows 10 includes many small components, and that’s why it’s possible that Windows 10 is also full of bugs. Windows 10 has been around for quite some time, but […]

How to Repair ‘A JavaScript Error Occurred in the Main Process’ Issue in Discord

Discord constantly stores temporary data on your computer that helps the program run smoothly or, in our case, causes errors. In order for Discord to run without javascript error or other problems, we need to delete these files. The error message “There was a javascript error in the main process” usually appears when you start […]

How do I Fix: Microphone Not Working in Windows 10

If your microphone is not working in Windows 10, you need to follow these troubleshooting steps to resolve the problem. There may be several reasons why your microphone is not picking up your voice, and this guide will walk you through each possible problem step by step. Before you begin, it is important to find […]

Solved: ‘A JavaScript error occurred in the main process’ Problem

A special error “A JavaScript Error Occurred in the Main Process“, occurs when users try to run one of the above programs. The window contains more information about the error, but ordinary users can not interpret the message correctly, so the details are useless. The “A JavaScript Error Occurred in the Main Process” error appears, […]