How to Repair ‘A JavaScript Error Occurred in the Main Process’ Issue in Discord

Discord constantly stores temporary data on your computer that helps the program run smoothly or, in our case, causes errors. In order for Discord to run without javascript error or other problems, we need to delete these files.

The error message “There was a javascript error in the main process” usually appears when you start Discord on your computer. The error message window usually contains various information about the error, but it is unlikely to be interpreted by casual users.

What causes the error ‘A JavaScript Error Occurred in the Main Process’?

  • Discord is running with administrative privileges.
  • Discord or its settings may be corrupt.
  • Quality Windows Audio Video Experience service is not running.

How to solve the problem ‘A JavaScript Error Occurred in Main Process’?

Reinstall your program

  1. Press the Windows key and type Discord.
  2. Right-click on it and select ‘Uninstall’.
  3. Once the uninstallation process is complete, download the latest version of Discord from the official website.

Start the Quality Windows Audio Video Experience service automatically

  1. Use the following key combination: Windows + R.
  2. Type services.MSC and press Enter.
  3. Scroll down the list until you see Quality Windows Audio Video Experience.
  4. Right-click it and select Properties.
  5. From the Startup Type drop-down menu, select Automatic.
  6. Click OK and close the window.

Running your program without administrator rights

  1. Locate the executable file of your program, right-click it and select Properties.
  2. Switch to the Compatibility tab.
  3. Uncheck the Run this program as administrator checkbox.
  4. Click OK.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Open Control Panel > Uninstall a program.
  2. Find the latest version of Microsoft Visual C++ (64-bit) and click Change (if you are using the 64-bit version of Teams, you may need x86).
  3. Click Restore.
  4. Enter your administrator credentials to complete the restore.

  1. Remove the Discord process from the Task Manager.
  2. Change the Windows Audio Video Experience service settings.
  3. Whitelist the Discord installation files.
  4. Launch Discord without administrator rights.

There are two types of JavaScript errors: Syntax error: occurs when you make a mistake in writing code, such as a typo or a missing character. Execution error: occurs when the script fails to execute its instructions, such as when it fails to find a certain object.