How to Resolve Application Error “DDE Server Window: explorer.exe”

Windows 10 has become one of the most popular Windows operating systems, but this latest operating system comes with many bugs. One such annoying error is “DDE Server Window: explorer.exe Application shutdown error”. “DDE Server Window: explorer.exe Application Error” usually occurs when a user tries to shut down their computer. This error prevents the user […]

How to Solve the “Invalid game executable” Error in Apex Legends

Windows users have encountered the “Invalid game executable” startup error every time they try to launch Apex Legends. This startup error cannot be fixed even by reinstalling Apex Legends and Origin. Read this article on IR Cache to find out the cause and follow the solution steps below to fix the “Invalid Game Executable File” […]

Correction of an application error (WerFault.exe or WerMgr.exe)

Is your system running WerMgr.exe or WerFault.exe error with Windows 10 or 8 and 7? Is your computer or laptop not working correctly because of WerMgr.exe or WerFault.exe error? You must have scrambled the WerFault.exe application on your computer. In this article, I will give you some possible solutions to fix the WerFault.exe application error. […]