How to Troubleshoot Runtime ‘Error R6034’ on Visual C++

A runtime error is directly related to software or hardware devices in your system. When a hardware or software component is damaged, it prevents a particular program from running and causes an R6034 execution time error on your Windows 10 PC. An r6034 runtime error appears with a detailed error message: The application tried toContinue reading “How to Troubleshoot Runtime ‘Error R6034’ on Visual C++”

How to Troubleshoot `SSL_Error_Bad_Mac_Alert` on Firefox Browser

This problem occurs mostly on Macs and not so often on Windows 10 PCs. When users try to access secure websites with security certificate problems, an error is displayed. The error message displayed is: “Secure connection failed. An error occurred when connecting to The SSL counterpart reports an invalid message authentication code. The errorContinue reading “How to Troubleshoot `SSL_Error_Bad_Mac_Alert` on Firefox Browser”