How to Resolve ‘There was an error opening this document’ on Adobe Reader

When users try to open a particular file type, such as a Microsoft Word document, they often receive an “access denied” message. While this problem can occur for many different reasons, today we’ll show you how to fix this error. Adobe Acrobat Reader 11 includes security enhancements to help protect against malicious software attacks. One […]

How to Troubleshoot Runtime ‘Error R6034’ on Visual C++

A runtime error is directly related to software or hardware devices in your system. When a hardware or software component is damaged, it prevents a particular program from running and causes an R6034 execution time error on your Windows 10 PC. An r6034 runtime error appears with a detailed error message: The application tried to […]

Fix missing title bar, minimize, maximize and close buttons

The Title Bar also contains the Minimize, Maximize, and Close buttons. However, sometimes a failure can prevent the Header Bar, Minimize, Maximize, and Close buttons from appearing in Explorer, in a built-in tool, or in an installed program. This error is caused by a number of factors, such as corruption of certain system files, errors […]

A Windows 10 application encountered an unhandled exception

Did you get the error “An unhandled exception occurred in your application” on your computer? Do not worry about it. We will give you simple solutions to resolve this unhandled exception in Microsoft .NET Framework.   What does Microsoft .NET Framework Unhandled exception error mean? If you encounter the error message “An unhandled exception occurred […]