How to Get Rid of Unidentified Network Error on Windows 10 PC

There are several Internet-related problems that Windows 10 users encounter. One of the most common Internet problems that can bother you unexpectedly is the “WiFi network not defined” problem in Windows 10. There are several reasons why this error may appear on your PC, but it is quite difficult to determine exactly what the problem […]

How to Resolve “DNS Server Unavailable” on Windows PC

The DNS (Domain Name System) server stores all the domain names of websites you visit. When you search for a domain name in a web browser, it is sent to the DNS server by your router. If the domain name of the website in question is registered, it returns the corresponding IP address. Therefore, the […]

How to Repair “DNS server not authoritative for zone” CMD Error on Windows PC

If you try to run CMD shortcuts from non-default locations, you may get the message “The DNS server is not authoritative for this zone”. This can also prevent you from performing an important task. Let’s look at some methods to help you troubleshoot this problem. The full error message has the following description: The system […]

How to Repair: U-Verse Error ‘Gateway Authentication Failure’

Many users and subscribers complain about the “Gateway Authentication Failure” error when trying to connect to the Internet using a U-Verse modem. This problem can have many causes, one of the main ones is the configuration of the modem settings. During the installation and configuration of the modem, the user may have configured the modem […]