How to Eliminate ‘Stop Code: System Thread Exception Not Handled’ on Windows PC

SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED” is a standard Windows 10 error that occurs mainly due to an outdated or incompatible driver. Solving this error is more complicated than other BSODs, because several drivers can cause the problem, and the computer may not recognize them all. The first step in fixing this error is to find […]

Troubleshooting System Restore Point Error Code 0x80042308 on Windows 10 Computer

Microsoft Windows offers a system restore feature that helps users solve system problems by returning to a previous restore point. A restore point is an image of system files and settings in the Windows registry that restores the system to when it was in perfect condition. Users report this code 0x80042308 when trying to create […]

Troubleshooting the “System error 67 has occurred” Issue on Windows 10

If you get the error message “System error 67 has occurred” when you run a network discovery scan on your computer, don’t worry. The problem is related to your computer’s network card driver. Updating the driver may solve the problem on your computer. Follow these initial workarounds to try simpler solutions to your problem. What […]

The fix for Windows system idle process and high CPU load

Have you ever opened the Task Manager and noticed that your system’s idle process is using 90% or more of your CPU? Contrary to what you might think, it’s not that bad. Here’s what the process actually does. The system idle process, as the name implies, is just a measure of the amount of idle […]